FinalBot Hold 'Em

Welcome to FinalBot Hold 'Em!

FinalBot Hold 'Em is our implementation of Texas Hold 'Em. The rules are primarily from the Wikipedia article at'em. However, there are some specific house rules for our competition.

  1. Each player starts with 100 chips and is eliminated in the hand after their chip count reaches 0.
  2. There is no ante or straddle.
  3. Small blind begins at 1 chip and big blind is always double the small blind.
  4. The small blind doubles every 10 hands, so it's 2 chips at hand 11, 4 at hand 21, 8 at 31, and so on.
  5. There is no upper limit on raises. However, keep in mind that opening and flop raises must be at least the big blind and turn and river raises must be at least double the big blind.
  6. Rules do not change when only two bots remain.
  7. As always, the implementation is the final say on rules. If you notice any bugs or need clarification, please post in the Hold 'Em Forums.

You can download the SDK here.

When you're ready to submit your bot, you can upload it here.

Sandbox Restrictions
  1. Constructor timeout: 1 second
  2. Lifetime execution: 10 seconds (world)
  3. Off-turn execution tolerance: 100ms (CPU)
  4. Lifetime memory allocation quota: 100MB


Daily Ranking (Big Pool)
The more the merrier!
Daily Ranking (Heads Up)
All one-on-one matchups.
Daily Ranking (Standard)
2-8 bots per matchup.