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Dark Chess

FinalBot Dark Chess

Welcome to FinalBot Dark Chess!

FinalBot Dark Chess is our implementation of dark chess. The rules are primarily from the Wikipedia article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_chess. The rules are basically the same as standard chess, except:

  1. You can only see your pieces and those in the movement path of your pieces.
  2. The goal is to capture your opponent’s King.
  3. There is no warning for check.

As always, a great way to get familiar with this game is to use the SDK test client to play against a sample AI. You can download the SDK here.

When you're ready to submit your bot, you can upload it here.

FinalBot Dark Chess Test Client

Sandbox Restrictions
  1. Constructor timeout: 1 second
  2. Lifetime execution: 10 seconds (world)
  3. Off-turn execution tolerance: 100ms (CPU)
  4. Lifetime memory allocation quota: 100MB