Corensic, Inc. is a software quality tools company based in Seattle, WA and funded by Madrona Ventures and WRF Capital. Corensic's mission is to deliver tools that enable software developers and software development organizations to build higher quality software. With top scientists, executives, and advisors whose background includes work at Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Citrix, Isilon, nVidia, and the University of Washington, Corensic combines decades of expertise in designing and testing enterprise-grade software and tools with deep knowledge of multi-core hardware and software.

Corensic Jinx

Jinx is a software quality tool that exposes hard-to-find concurrency bugs in software. It accelerates the rate at which bugs occur in your software, saving you time and resources in the effort to deliver higher quality ThreadSafe applications. With Jinx, your organization can permit its developers to exploit the full power of multi-core processors, provide a safety net for testers to find bugs before they are introduced into production environments, and enable IT administrators to validate full systems comprised of operating systems, drivers, and applications before certifying them as ready for deployment.

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